Physical Theater Courses
Pantomime by Johnny O

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The aim of the course is to highlight the special expressive and physical abilities of each individual and to turn them into skills.

The teaching will include exercises of physical strengthening, flexibility and balance as well as physical improvisation in order to acquaint the students with their own strong means of expression and to control them on stage.

Techniques for active presence, connection and rhythm separation will also be taught.


Johnny O.

Johnny O. (Giannis Economidis) was born in Athens in 1974

and is a graduate of the "Drama School of Athens" George Theodosiadis.



  • Acting: Eva Kotamanidou, Olgas Tournaki, George Biniaris

  • Kinesiology Seminars: Antigone Gyra, Antonis Diamantis



  • Since 2003 he has been writing and directing the performances of the theatrical group Splish-Splash and participating as an actor in them.

Inspired by the silent era, he adapts classic films, relying more on the movement and expression of the actors, the music and the fast rhythm and little on the speech.

(The Bomber, Ο Βάτλερ, Joan of mArc, ΜetamMorfosis, Draculam, M for little Man, The Phantom of the Ompera, Scarmface, Framkenstein, Jack the Rimper, Nemfertiti, Nomsferatu)


  • Direction in the children's show "Enemy" of the group Astronauts.

Co-directed with Antigone Gyra in the children's play "My own fish" at the Roes theater.


  • He has collaborated as an actor with the directors N. Milivogievich, G. Kaklea, T. Kyriakos, A. Gyra, V. Adamou, A. Andriopoulos, with the "Black Theater" troupe of Prague and with the Orama Art troupes and the Kaisariani Theater.


  • In television and cinema he has collaborated with the directors Steve Baron (The Durrels), A.Tempo (Bank, Greece, Your Majesty), A. Angelopoulos (You are my partner), G. Nikolaidis, M. Ditsa, V. Vafea , L. Lazopoulos (My best friend), G. Karapiperidi (Eureka), Sp. Rasidaki (Star Wars) and N. Pitsaki

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  • Since 2014 he has been giving physical theater lessons.

Headquarters &Communication

Artemonos 77, Daphni. Next to Ag. Ioannis metro station

Tel. 215 5154944 / 6986700020 / 6936009055



Monday to Sunday 12:00-23:00

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