Contemporary Singing
             ( Vocals )                          
The lesson has as a purpose to showcase the proper vocal placement and breathing technique. It will concern us the interpretation and expression of the emotion and the vocal improvement. We will come closer to our vocal  Θα έρθουμε πιο κοντά στις φωνητικές μας capabilities in contemporary songs, so we can use our voice rightly and not tire our voice in each occasion meanwhile we will be able to sing with or whiout a microphone.
Το μάθημα περιλαμβάνει:

• Proper breathing exercises(What is the diaphragmatic breathing, and to what is useful)

•Techniques and placement of voice

•Αnxiety elimination exercises

• Singing (choice uppon participants)

• Interpretation
As someone decides ro commit the cost is : 60 euros /per month for 1 hour each week. The lesson is private.
Days and time are set with the participants individually.
For begginers and professionals.

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