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 Elia Kazan once said: 10% Technique 10% ( Talent ) Perception 80% Possitive behavior ,can lead to a generous career. 80% of this field is to be able to coexist with people . Method Acting for begginers and advanced.

 At Artschool 92 operate full study programs. Theatre is a life source and an on going research of the human kind. Through the lessons we invent the movement, the speech and how to to use our expressive means, heading to the axis of life.  

•Basic theatre knowledge, acquaintance with texts, work on various plays from world repertoire.

• How we adapt when we perform on various genre scenes, infront of a square or in a small room?

• How we can adapt everyday habits into a made up reality?

• How we analyse and perceive characters?

• How free are we on stage and what our body feels?

•Which is our relationship with our co-stars and what relationships are made?

• How can we balance the fear opposing the power of showcase?  

• Why to become actors/actresses?

• How can we trust ourselves, the director but also our partner?

Free printed material ( notes).

Certificate of Attendance.

Our students participate in Theatrical Plays and movies!

Within the year we host plenty of activities and scene presentations! 


First year

Monday 18:00 - 21:00
Wednesday 18:00 - 21:00

The rest of the lessons are being done after agreement on time.

Tuition fees:

Starter Studies
6  hours per week ( 24 hours/ month ) 60 euros (acting - speech training)

7,5 hours per week ( 30 hours / month ) 70 euros (acting - speech training - singing) 

7,5 hours per week ( 30 hours / month ) 70 euros (acting - speech training - ballet or jazz) 

9 hours per week ( 36 hours / month ) 90 euros (acting - speech training - singing - ballet or jazz) 


Professional Studies
10 hours per week ( 36 hours / month ) 120 euros (acting - speech training - singing (private) -ballet or jazz) 

13 hours per week ( 36 hours / month ) 155 euros (acting - acting infront of lence - speech training - singing (private) - ballet or jazz) 

Cooperation with famous abroad faculties for Master Classes.

Entries: 6936009055, 6986700020 & . To entry send in full name and communication phone number.
Acting - Efi Meravoglou
Speech Training - Despina Nikitidou
Contemporary Singing - George Xrystodoulou
Ballet - Emily Downs
Jazz - Wendy Gibbins

Teaching Guidance

Meravoglou Efi (Avting)
CV & Interviews

Despina Nikitidou (Speech training )
CV & Interviews

George Xrystodoulou (Contemporary singing)

Emily Downs (Ballet)

Wendy Gibbins (Jazz)


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Headquarters &Communication

Artemonos 77, Daphni. Next to Ag. Ioannis metro station

Tel. 215 5154944 / 6986700020 / 6936009055



Monday to Sunday 12:00-23:00

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