Theatrical workshop for children

Free open lesson

on Saturday 13/10/18 at 10:00.
The course is aimed at preschool children.
Dora Thomopoulou, actress and playwright, will discover the wonderful world of theater with her children.
Theatrical workshop for children
We always use experimentation and imagination to express ourselves, improvise and invent stories, turn texts, images and pieces of music into live scenes. We know the Art of Theater and we understand the rules of artistic creation. We become a theatrical group by cultivating the communication of its members, we explore the Space and we know the Object through the stage objects, the mask and the doll (puppet theater), which we will construct ourselves. We experiment with improvisations and come to a first acquaintance with the literary text, giving theatrical form to narrative texts, fairy tales and myths.
Children develop all their means of expression, cultivate expression and speech, liberate their emotional world, strengthen their imagination, learn to work together, gain team spirit and become creators themselves.

Every Saturday: 10: 00-11: 15
Cost 20 euros

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