In recent years more and more teams are appearing

in the theatrical reality of Greece ... abroad the

improvising has taken root for a long time ...

So what is this species that came to conquer his hearts?

audience? It is the basis of theatrical art!

It is the return to the immediate response, to the positive attitude towards

to the teammate, to the truth of the actor. From nothing can

set up an entire show.

One idea is enough ... and we went to build!

Of course, in order to have a perfect result, there must be capable members in a group, who will have practiced their variety of means of expression, mental endurance, immediacy and responsiveness.

To become a writer, actor, director and audience at the same time.

We aspire to study these basic principles of improvisation through our lessons, with a lot of concentration, but also fun!

Definitely the friction will bind us and why not it will make us the next improvisation team that will conquer the theatrical Athens ...

We are waiting for you to share our love for art.


October 23 - June 25, 2021

Days & hours: Every Friday 18: 00-19: 30

Cost: 35 euros / month

(VAT 24% is not included)

A certificate of attendance is given.

Dates when the lesson will not take place:

25/12/2020, 1/1/2021, 30/4/2021, 7/5/2021, & 25/6/2021.

Headquarters &Communication

Artemonos 77, Daphni. Next to Ag. Ioannis metro station

Tel. 215 5154944 / 6986700020 / 6936009055



Monday to Sunday 12:00-23:00

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