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 Masterclass  is an advanced course for everyone who has passed through their first training at method acting and are now able to understand how to use all this informative knowledge that has been given to them. This year P.A.D( Perceptual Acting and Directing ) by Maria Tsarouxa has been added and we worked with our students on a original  performance, based on people famous and infamous on world history.There was a spot on approach to the voice, the body, the speech as well as the make-up. The texts were worked by the actors alongside Efi Meravoglou made a futuristic show named'' Faces'' come true. 

I will mention some movies and actors that have worked the same techniques:

The Iron Lady , a british-french autobiography for  Margaret Thatcher interpreted  with great success by Meryl Streep 












Bohemian Rhapsody is a autobiography about Freddie Mercury which Rami Malek interpreted with great success.












Lincoln is a historical film based on the president of the united states of america Abraham Lincoln interpreted by Daniel day -lewis with great success.














In our school we get taught what is Method Acting and what is its use. What are differences with our education in Greece. How it started, what is the corellation with the Stanislavski method, Adler, Meisner, Strasberg, Hagen techniques and how until now in continues to evolve. Many american faculty teachers and not only, based on the method added their own exercises and theories. How many actors are method actors and have come to great measures for a role. In Greece there is a lack of knowledge and information.  They have identified this Method with over the top situations. There are answers for all of those!  

 A few words about P.A.D

 PDA is a theory-action system with an exercise book that is a prerequisite for any artist involved in the art of acting. (actors, directors, playwrights, etc.)

These are the foundations on which every Acting Method needs to be based to thrive.

It is a life manual that deals with the development and maturation of the actor through methods of self-knowledge, life coaching, EFT (emotional freedom therapy), philosophical attitudes, NLP (neurolinguistic programming), the value system with which he walks as a person through analysis of the Odyssey, meditations shaped for the actor and the knowledge of quantum physics.

The need that arose to create a new theory is the fact that acting methods teach the learner how to "act on stage" - that is, "act" into action, in English "act", acting on stage = playing theater - but not "who is the man acting on stage". The new PAD theory is coming to fill this big gap, "Who Am I". It concerns the synthetic harmonization of the triptych body, spirit, soul & ego, subconscious, Higher self.

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