mathimata ypokritikis online

Online Acting Courses

with Efi Meravoglou

The courses are divided into circles and the participants are taught a specific subject.

  • Assignments and notes are sent.

  • Exercises that can be done individually.

  • Method acting

  • Meditation exercises

  • How the system works in Greece and what are the differences with abroad.

  • Practice with texts.

  • Locks, insecurities, psychology (everything we need to find and work on to lead a generous career)

  • How to do the research of the character we have to interpret

  • Presentation of PAD (Perceprual acting and directing) a new approach to acting and a guide to self-knowledge. Who am I?

  • Possibility to buy the book

  • 2 meetings close to the school of 92 artschool. Contact exercises, improvisations, etc. will be performed.