Acting - Method Acting

Efi Meravoglou

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Efi Meravoglou was born in Athens in 1982. She graduated in (2003) from the Foundation's Higher Drama School and in (2009) from the Iek Xini Auxiliary Nurses. She has attended song seminars with Maria Paschali, Sofia Bossou and Maria Xenidou. At New York Acting School Acting with Nikos Katis (3 months). Acting for an international career in English 3 month seminar with Sophie Papadopoulou (Method Milton Katselas) Kakogiannis Foundation. Flamengo at the dance school of Marina Lambropoulou (3 months) and modern Dance at the School of P. Metaxopoulos (5 months). He has been directing schools, cultural associations and professional groups since 2003. He has written, directed and starred in '' One night in heaven '', '' Crime in the Espresso Village '', '' Dracula Wanted '', '' Epiclot '', '' Believe in Something '', '' Friday and 13 '', '' 8 Women accuse you '', Dreamville, Ismini & Covers but also children's works, such as '' Santa Claus Exists '', '' The Magic Christmas '', '' Journey with the scent of Christmas '', '' Ismene & Cover ''. Rapporteur of the Bar Acting of the 1st seminar 2nd, 3rd for theater in Bar. (2010-2012). She has also participated in the Alecton Theater, dir. Sotiria Kolozou in the play "The Muses" (2003), "Cabaret the World" (2008-2009) by Kostoula Mitropoulou, directed by Christos Tsagas, "Locals" dramatization and song. (Bar theater), "Dramatization" at the ghost House with Singer George Christodoulou dir. Nikos Katrakis. (2010), "6 Persons Ask for an Author" dir. and adaptation by Nikos Katrakis (2011) at the Asomaton Art Space, "Alladin and the Amazons" 3D Animation dir. Harris Persidis. Translations in Art Factory. Actor with the Rockdrive band Rock. '' Million like baby '' Nikos Katrakis (2012). '' Pig in a Sack '' George Feaydeau translated by Ersi Vasilikioti at his Alkmini Theater on stage by him (2013), '' Iraq-9 Places of Honor '' by Heather Raffo, directed by Maria Tsaroucha at the Vault Theater (2014) Direction and texts at the Solidarity concert "We are gifted for a whole day" (2013). Iraq-9Poems of Heather Raffo's wish, directed by Maria Tsaroucha (2013-2014). Ismini & I cover in the Art Space of Asomata dir. of the same (2014). '' Institutionalized '' by Aristophanes at the Cartel Theater of the 1st year 92 Art school (2014). She has taught acting in workshops and at Pedagogues. She has been awarded for her choreography at the Orestiada Festival with the performance "Sixth Floor" in dir. of the same with the theatrical group Theatrophrenia. (2012). Award for best performance at the 1st Athestage on the Athenian stage with the performance "Ismini and Calypso". He participated in the Pan-European Festival "TACT" in Trieste with the play Dreamville (2014) and in Skopje at the Festival "Without Masks" with the play Ismini and Calypso (2014). He directed the play "I Killed My Roman" at the Lychnos Theater (2016) and the Performance of Orpheus and Orestes at the Lychnos Theater (2016). She starred in Austin Winsberg's "First Date", a musical directed by Pepis Moschovakou at the Athenais Theater (2016). of Coward at the theater construction site. (2017-2018) Radio producer in Veronica 97.2 fm (2005-2006). Producer and Program Manager of web

Orthophony - Speech Education

Despina Nikitidou

Contemporary Song (Vocal)

George Christodoulou

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He was born and raised in Athens. From a young age, he was involved in music and for 12 years he taught guitar, harmony and solfeggio. He has a degree in Byzantine Music from his teacher Manolis Hatzimarkos. In 1996 at the College of Athens, from where he graduated, in the performance for "70 years of Mikis Theodorakis" he sang Mikis Theodorakis in the presence of the composer, while at the end of the concert the words of the great composer rekindled his love for Greek song. In the summer of the same year he participated in concerts for the "35 years" of Lefteris Papadopoulos. In 2001 he participated in the discographic work of Stavros Kougioumetzis "It rained the world" in collaboration with George Dalaras and Maria Kougioumetzis. In September 2004 he won the "Caldara Prize" in the "TSITSANEIA" music competition awarded to him by the daughter of the late Vassilis Tsitsanis, having on the committee the historical musicologist Panagiotis Kounadis, Notis Mavroulidas and the late H. He has collaborated with notable performers, such as: Eleni Dimou, Stelios Dionysiou, Themis Adamantidis, Lena Alkaiou, Vassilis Lekkas, Gerasimos Andreatos, Petros Gaitanos, Glykeria, while in recent years he has been the main performer at Thanasis Poly's concerts. a search and study of folk song in depth. Finally, it is worth noting that she has been invited and participated in important shows - tributes of creators such as Eftychia Papagiannopoulou, Manolis Chiotis, Giota Lydia and Manos Loizos. The first album of George Christodoulou entitled "Hot Sand" has been released since 7. The music of most of the songs is signed by Tassos Lymperis, while the other contributors of the album are: Costas Bouzis, Leonidas Kyrtsos, Eleni Giannatsoulia, George Pilianidis Andriana Panagiotaki, Sozos Lymperopoulos, George Kokkinis as well as the singer himself, who writes two songs. The first single of the album is "Hot Sand", while it is definitely worth paying attention to the rhythmic "Diver". In 2010 he appeared on the music scene "EPOCHES" alongside Katerina Kouka. He has taught guitar and song and to this day makes musical appearances in many parts of the country.

Scenography / Costume Design

Michalis Sdougos

Film production

Kyriakos Chatzimichaelidis

He was born in Thessaloniki in 1963. He studied paramedical professions and at the same time Cinema, Theater, Photography.
He has been working in cinema since 1985, moving from most departments to making a film.
In recent years he has been working as a Director and Producer.
He has worked on more than 100 short films and his productions number more than sixty.
His works in the long run are: "Commander" sk. by Alexis Damianos (production department), "The Attack of the Giant Mousaka" fig. by Panos Koutras (Production Director), as well as in films by Glykofrydis, Tsaroucha, Giourgou, Koundourou.
On TV, among others: "Dawn", "The Great Anger", documentaries, shows, etc. He has also directed children's series, Video Art, and Video Clip.
As an actor, he collaborated in the performances: "Erotokritos" 1990 sk. Telemachos Modatsakis, "Damned Marriage" 1992 p. Thanasis Papageorgiou and in various smaller performances.
In 2001, he directed the play "Valitsa" with Kostas Zacharakis, and in 2008 the play "The Lady of the Lord" by N. Tsiforou-P. Vassiliadis, in 2009 the theatrical performance "KYNASTON" by Stefanos Kakavoulis and in the period 2015-2016 the theatrical performance "Adriana" by Thanasis Papageorgiou.
He has been heavily involved in the form of the short film, directing short films himself: "Betrayal" 1990, "The Joy of the Teeth" 1996, "Love" 1999, "Men Don't Cry" 2001, "Last Effort" 2003 .
His work "PNOES" video art cycle, brings the audiovisual art in contact with poetry and makes a great significant progress wherever it is shown.
He delivers seminars: screenwriting - directing - acting - acting and film production (small polytechnic, drama school Iasmos, Theater of change Amorgos, Zakynthos, Agistri, Schinoussa, etc.).
From 1996 to 1999 he was a member, General Secretary and Chairman of the Board. of the association "small", a body for the promotion of the short film from which he resigned believing in the private initiative for the promotion of the short film and having already started the creation of his own company for this purpose. So…
in December 2000 he founded the Urban Non-Profit Company t-shOrt, with the object of activities the short film and the "small" artistic and theatrical events. The company's awards number in more than 100 all important and important events. Among many awards, the production of t-shOrt "Prayer" directed by Thanassis Neofotistou won the Golden Dionysus at the 37th Drama Short Film Festival of Greek Short Films (2014).
Manages the largest movie site for the small movie
It organizes the BigBang International Short Film Festival every year.
He is currently preparing his feature film.
More information, material and details on the site:

He was born in Thessaloniki. He also studied at the Department of Mathematics of AUTh and at the Drama School of K.Th.B.E. She immigrated to London, where she completed her master's degree, Oneyearpostgragraduatingactingingandmusicaltheatrecourse in MountviewAcademy (with a AlexanderTechnique scholarship). He attended PhysicalTheatre seminars at the ForbiddenTheatre in London and a Physical Theater seminar with the guidance of MarcelloMagni and KathrynHunter, a comedy seminar with Lakis Lazopoulos, a seminar on Biofactory Biosafety with "Michael Marmarinos". She has taught ballet and modern dance at the schools of M. Vytinarou and A. Theofanidou, flamenco at the Estrella schools of Natasa Deka, FlamencoExpressDanceSchool-CoventGarden, LaEscuelaDeBaorgion Ellinikondou and Paraskevodou Tselosei Therossi Kross, Flamenco Diana School at the theater in Greece and England and participated in the performances "Eurydice", directed by Kostis Makridakis, "IRAQ - 9 places of desire", directed by Maria Tsaroucha, "Bees", directed by Konstantinos Soumas, "The Basement of Coco Street" in directed by Antonis Loudar "Russian Nights", directed by Giannis Bostantzoglou, "Am I late?" directed by Harry Bosina, "The Championship", directed by Penis Fylaktaki-Aris Sobotis, "The Garbage Raccoon", (Children's), directed by Emilia Ypsilantis, "Two White Whales", directed by Baora, "Harry Tosina" directed by Elias Kountis, "Do you love me?", directed by Olgas Pozelis, "LionFairy", (Children's) directed by Alkis Kritikou, (THOK), "Starsinthemorningsky", directed by Jonathan Chadwick, "Bernard's house Alba ", directed by JanetSteel. On television, she participated in the weekly series" AlmaLibre "(Mega) and" Wedding List "(NET), directed by N kouKoutelidaki. He worked as a screenwriter for the Alpha channel. She has participated in commercials in Greece and has worked as a music producer and announcer at LondonGreekRadio. She has worked as a presenter at spelling seminars. He has made recordings for acoustic tours of museums, archeological sites and theme parks (Greek and English), Radiant Technologies. He is a graduate of ASPAITE's EPPAIK pedagogical department and for the past eleven years has worked as a professor of Theater Education at Primary Education in Primary Philadelphia and Kifissia and as a teacher of acting and orthophony, in secondary education at the Art Schools of Gerakas and Peristeri. She has translated the plays "Antigone in New York" by Giannos ZGlovatsky, presented in Gazi directed by Fani Mouratidis and the play "AlarmsandExcursions" by Michael Frain.

Michalis Sdougos is a Greek set designer and costume designer.
He was born in Thessaloniki. He studied Scenography and Costume Design at the School of Fine Arts in Florence, from where he graduated with honors in 1980. In 1981 he returned to Greece and collaborated with the Popular Experimental Theater of Leonidas Trivizas at the Poreia Theater, with the Volos Theater Club, the Warehouse Theater Georgouli, with the popular stage of Thymios Karakatsanis and with the Athens Festival.
He collaborated with the National Theater, the State Theater of Northern Greece, the Lyric Stage, with the Concert Hall, in the work of Costas Georgousopoulos "The ages of the ridiculous", where he won the Screenwriting and costume design award of the Society of Greek Theatrical Writers.
He worked with DI.PE.THE. Agrinio, Roumeli, Rhodes, Crete, Serres, Larissa etc. He did the set design for many Greek serials and TV movies, while on television he recently collaborated with the director K. Koutsomytis for the TV series "Damned Soils" from the book of the same name by Didos Sotiriou.
In the cinema he made the sets and costumes for L. Rikaki's films "Quartet in 4 Moves" with George Chorafas, Themis Bazaka, "Dead Liquor" by G. Karipidis and "Dream Crafts" with G. Kimoulis, F. Komnenos by T. Boulmetis in 1990, where he received the First Screenplay Award at the Thessaloniki Film Festival.
He collaborated with Vangelis Papathanassiou in "Mythodia" in June 2001 at the Temple of Olympian Zeus in the context of the Cultural Olympiad. From 1996 to August 2002 he was the Artistic Director of DIPETHE Rhodes.


Alexandros Loukissas

Alexandros Loukisas was born in Athens in 1957. He studied Painting, Engraving and Photography at the School of Fine Arts of West Surrey in England, from where he graduated with honors and first Prize in Painting. Returning to Greece, he completed his piano studies, graduating from the Conservatory with honors.

Since 1986 he has been teaching Art at the Secondary School and has been teaching piano at the Athens International Conservatory. In the period 1987-1990 he teaches free drawing and painting at the spiritual center of Sitia to children aged 10 - 14, 15-18 and adults. In the academic year 2003-2004 he teaches painting and other drawing at the Progressive Group of Ymittos.

He is a member of the Chamber of Fine Arts of Greece and the Association of Professional Art Teachers. He is a member of the Artistic Committee of the Panhellenic Piano Competition for Young Pianists. He is a member of the 21st Century International Cultural Federation and also president of the Institute of Children's Music Creation. Since 2007 he has been collaborating with Zygos Gallery.

1982 Exhibition for young artists at London University Gallery.
1986 Solo exhibition at the Dada Gallery. 1987 Exhibition at the Cultural Center of the Municipality of Lamia.
1988 Solo exhibition at the American College.
1989 Individual exhibition in Sitia (Cornarea Festival ΄89).
1992 exhibition at the Cultural Center of Ag. Dimitriou.
1993 Group exhibition at the Ymittos Cultural Center.
1993 -95- ΄97 Solo exhibition in Sitia (Cornarea Festival).
1997 Group exhibition at the College of Athens.
1999 Solo exhibition in Sitia (Cornarea Festival ΄99).
2004 Individual exhibition at the Progressive Group of Ymittos.
2007 Solo exhibition at ZYGOS Gallery

Directing a theatrical performance

Maria Tsaroucha

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