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"Small and short"
Film seminar
at 92 ArtSchool





The alphabet for a movie (short)

From the idea of ​​the script to the completion of the film

project, the grammar of the film language and how to use it, as necessary

cognitive object in order to build a complex work of art such as

that of the movie.


16-session directing seminar for understanding the directorial concept with the focus on creating a very short film.

The seminar is coordinated by Kyriakos Chatzimichailidis (director-producer)


Register by sending your name and phone number (subject "Direction") to or call 2155154944 & 6986700020

The best short film is the. Shortest.
If the very idea of ​​the short film contains the sperm of the short duration then the difficulty that arises for the shortest possible film is at the same time ση a challenge! The concentration of the idea, the economy in space and situations, the small, simple and comprehensive dialogue and all the elements that in a short time will give the maximum of meaning and emotion, are data that characterize the short film. The more these features are acquired, the easier it is to form the desired μικρό "smaller" scenario.

The structure of the seminar concerns the writing of short scripts and the concentrated teaching for their directorial completion.

Objective 1: the creation of very small scenarios - ideas maximum 2΄ minutes that will serve as exercises with a camera.
Objective 2: The creation of a production file.
Objective 3: The inclusion of scenarios in financing programs. Whichever scripts qualify for submission to the ECC's "first step" program will be submitted by t-short as a production company.


Spirit and Structure of seminars:
Applicant: One-page script ideas and disposition for work and twists. Writing the scripts in the first five meetings. Directorial development of the work and completion of the films.
Approach: The practice of writing and the path to the goal of the seminar through knowledge and awareness of reality. Screenings of very short films, Greek and foreign in each lesson.
Key phrases: "I make the short film smaller", "I speak the script", "I remove beautiful thoughts", "it will become a film", "I want it to be read", "I want to have a relationship with the market", the subject in my film "etc.
Key questions: Can I? It becomes so small; But will he like it? Will it end so quickly? Will it make sense? Will people be moved? Will concern? It will work?
Key Answers: Yes!
Tactical: Reverse procedure. From the plan to the complete scenario and the idea (given the idea).


• Approach the script language in simple words.
• Reading ideas. Discussion on ideas. Decisions to maintain them or not. Write.
• Introduction to the plan. Plan. Writing and speaking a shot. The plan in relation to the script. Composition of a plan. Economy in the shot. Monoplane. When do I flatten? We never write the plan in the script. We always know the plot in the movie.
• Introduction to the character. The character in the shot. Our acquaintance with him. Interesting and indifferent characters. Meditation on the phrase "it's like knowing years". The relationship of the character with the other elements of the plan. Get the character to do something.
• The decoupage and its use by the director. How does the script help him? Reference to the economy of the instrument.
• Introduction to dialogue .. Reason is everything only if it is necessary. Interactive explorations through everyday life. The jokes and the lesson they give us. Talking a lot means I have nothing to say.
• The character, the reason and the plan. I see the character, I see my hero. Introduction to the hero's past. From psychoanalysis to his CV. Why is he doing that? The lone hero, the hero he meets. Introduction to the company of the hero, second roles. The meeting in the plan. The other heroes. When, where and how many?
• Correlations with the rest of the plan. Did you forget that we want smaller scripts? Attempt to write within an hour of the fastest script. Reading. Comment. I am writing. Continuation of Theme β΄ roles. Introduction to the place of the plan. Write.
• The place of the plan. How do spaces contribute to the small scenario? Selection of spaces. The reperage is driven by the script. Spaces and spaces, differences and properties.
• Discuss all previous sessions.
• The time of the plan. How long does the plan last? General issues for economy, content and short duration.
• The way of the plan.
• Style.
• The shot is part of the scene. From word to phrase. From the phrase to the sentence. From the sentence in the paragraph. The scene in relation to space and time. Development of the scene and its correlation with the rest of the script. Stage structure. Why am I writing a scene?
• The secans. From paragraph to chapter. Completion of meaning. A small script, inside the small script. The enjoyment of secans. Why write a secans.
• The final scenario. Selection of scenarios to be submitted.
• Discussion and development of the directing approach.
• Break down.
• The valuable contribution of the assistant director. The relationship with the producer.
• The basic preparation.
• The reperege.
• The casting distribution.
• The workshop.
• The negotiation process.
• The common place.
• Common style, common rhythm, common aesthetics.
• Type and route of the film.
• Commodity codes.
• Sets - costumes. Picture.
• Sound. Music.
• The way the camera "walks". Tame the waves".
• The emotional connection with the film.
• The valuable tool called "Decoupage".
• The rehearsals.
• The shooting,
• the editing,
• integration (theoretically).
• In practice.
• Camera, space, people, machines.
• Organization, order, consistency, knowledge, readiness, flexibility, etc.
• Command 3, 2, 1, go / CUT.
• Shooting, editing, completion (practically).



  Artemonos 77, Daphne. Metro Agios Ioannis. 215 5154944 | 6986700020 | 6936009055 |

October 21 - February 3, 2021

Days & hours: Every Wednesday 18: 00-21: 00

Cost: 60 euros / month

(VAT 24% is not included)

A certificate of attendance is given.

Dates when the lesson will not take place:

28/10/2020, 30/12/2020 & 6/1 / 2021

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Artemonos 77, Daphni. Next to Ag. Ioannis metro station

Tel. 215 5154944 / 6986700020 / 6936009055



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