Directing a theatrical performance

October 19 - June 28, 2021

Days & hours: Every Monday 18: 00-21: 00

Cost: 7 0 euros / month

(VAT 24% is not included)

A certificate of attendance is given.

Dates when the lesson will not take place:

28/12/2020, 4/1/2021, 15/3/2021, 3/5/2021, & 21/6/2021.

Directing in the theater
with Maria Tsaroucha

The course will end with the direction of performances by the students,

open to the public.


  • How the director discovers the central directorial idea of ​​the play.

  • How to become a conductor of a creative composition that includes first the actors, then the work, the space, the directorial idea.

  • How he works with actors.

  • How he frees them and trains them to transfuse his idea.

  • What is the director's teaching direction?

  • How it synchronizes the intellectual exploration of the work with the emotional texture of the author's central idea.

  • The ethos of the director and how he creates his own special stamp in the field of spectacle.

  • Dramatic analysis of the work through the direction.

  • Directing direction of lighting and aesthetics of the work.

  • Rhythm and energy of the theatrical repertoire.

  • Approaching social issues through directing.

  • Behavior and ethos of the director from the choice of actors until the end of the performances.

  • Critical analysis of performances.


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